Technology, production, efficiency and the economic soundness of an investment: different aspects that are often difficult to reconcile.


For us the word “service” means all those internal departments and worldwide branches which as a whole provide quick, clear-cut and exhaustive answers to any questions the customer has about the systems he has purchased, remote technical assistance for repairing purposes, ongoing technical support vis-à-vis process parameters, mould maintenance consultancy services that ensure that raw materials correlate with the product characteristics. Local technical assistance for installation, repairing, maintenance or personnel training and ongoing production support are all easily available to our customers.


Over time, we developed a Quality System concept in which the only “real quality” is the one perceived by the customer and not the one merely defined by a set of internal procedures. In other words, we’re interested in building partnerships - indispensable in ensuring effective customer satisfaction, the real reference point for quality.

This exclusive system, set up several years ago, provides an excellent database for statistical analysis of products, processes and applied technical solutions, it provides ongoing improvement which is at the core of our success: this method of analysis is in fact a vital management tool that leads to constant product upgrading and optimizes our response to market needs and effective customer demand.


All  machines and complete production lines are constantly monitored by our customer Care Service: the concept of “Global Solution Provider” is thus extended well beyond the moment of purchase to ensure a continuity of support that is unique within the EBM industry.



"For us service is a source of solutions, providing the security of continuous support and the certainty of constant product quality."

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