Maintenance is a key point of industrial success nowadays, high investments for machines or complete lines bring results when it takes into account an appropriately long period of production during which productivity must remain constant. In order to meet the demand of maintenance parts, we have created a dedicated staff with highly qualified technicians and multi-lingual sales people.


Spare parts for routine maintenance or machine breakdowns are easily identifiable thanks to the detailed user manuals provided with the equipment, which contain exploded views of the main groups of components and some useful information concerning ordinary maintenance. Identification codes on all components, widespread availability of parts in all industrially developed countries, an efficient order processing system and fast delivery are the key parameters to make production restart with short delays.


Maintenance and inspection visits also make sure that production plants have a long working life ; this will involve the upgrading of some units to boost the performance, the replacement of worn parts after some years of constant work with newer ones or the overhauling of old machines.



"We offer a tailor-made customer service in order to assure a fast and reliable delivery of the parts and to provide added value throughout the working life of the machines.”

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