Full electric technology has been adopted by quite all extrusion blow-moulding machine manufacturers nowadays, it is a fact that moving towards that direction has brought many advantages to final users, a lower electric consumption, less maintenance, higher repeatability of the movements and therefore better quality of the produced containers and constancy of production and process parameters.


The evolution from the first machines produced in 2007 and the performance obtained on the last generation models are amazing if you consider the period of time since when full electric units were introduced on the market.

Techne was one of the first companies to believe in that evolution of technology applied on EBM and the studies and innovation developed in the last years has been remarkable.


Energy consumption has dropped by minimum 35% compared to hydraulic technology, today ADVT has an average consumption of 0,27 kWh/kg of plastic extruded in monolayer configuration and 0,30 kWh/kg in multi-layer.


Maintenance is reduced by 70% and a lot of features like the shuttle lubrication are automatic and settable from the PLC. On top of that, the high speed BUS wiring decreases of 50% the number of low potency wires and therefore also the quantity of electro-mechanical failures.



“ADVANCE series has a considerable number of machines in operation and one of the last model presented a couple of years ago is a very good combination of what high technology, simplicity and easy-use can possibly be.”

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