• TECHNE’s new plant was designed to respect the environment. All different waste materials generated onsite during production (paper, cardboard, iron, copper and aluminum) are totally recycled through a detailed differentiated gathering ; moreover, rainwater is used for garden’s irrigation.
  • The commitment is extended to the new generation of machines produced, in many aspects of their features.
  • The atmospheric  electro-magnetic radiations are significantly reduced by using all latest protected equipment and solutions.
  • The hydraulic oil utilized for machine motion (over 600 L substituted every 12.000 working hours) is not longer present in all-electric-motion exclusive Techne solutions.
  • All standard well-know leakage issues are avoided, with environment benefits related also to packaging for food stuff, pharmaceutical and personal care.
  • The state-of-the-art innovative bus-wiring reduces remarkably the copper wires presence, avoiding the massive use of such material so expensive to extract, produce and discharge.
  • The equipment noise is reduced of over 30% if compared to hydraulic standard units, to a level of 82-84 Db(A)
TECHNE’s social and environment support gets reinforced by some other important features, available in our innovative machines range.
  • All TECHNE machines offers our sophisticated proprietary technology to allow a large utilization of PCR (Post Consumer’s Resin), with an average content higher than 50% (based on product design and application). This technology, developed and continuously improved by Graham Packaging (among the first in the world to introduce it to the market, more than 25 years ago), represents the ultimate solution for the re-utilization without “downgrade” of HDPE plastic bottles, saving energy and preserves the hearth from pollution.
  • The new generation machines (full electric motion with industrial PC control) guarantee an energy saving of more than 35%, compared to standard solutions. That means, based on middle size machine at average Kw/h European cost, a yearly saving of € 40,000, which contributes to reduce the pay back of the investment.
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