Design and technology, an indispensable combination in these days, an essential marketing tool and the lynchpin of a consumer culture that is ever-more attentive to aesthetics and practicality. We learnt very early that this is a vital need and we have subsequently set up an internal division dedicated to moulds which aims to become a center of excellence.


Proper mould design starts with a container shape which meets marketing requirements yet also economically viable industrial production. Given the complexities of the container production process, the manufacturer of high tech EBM machines is in an ideal position to provide solutions that meet the needs of the various parties.


The experience in design and development of new containers has brought us to acquire a huge know-how and to avoid the problems that can come out when it is applied to an industrial production. This is also possible thanks to a modern internal laboratory which allows us to control every single aspect of the bottle, such as the distribution of the material on 360°, the repeatability in terms of weight, dimensions, capacity, the resistance to top load, to drop tests, the thickness of multilayer structures.



"Moulds are the natural extension of the EBM machines and enhance the quality of the overall process by meeting both marketing and economic needs."

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